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21st diabetes anniversary

Updated: Mar 19

Yesterday was my 21st Diabetes Anniversary. My diabetes can drink! I have had many miracles come out of this disease. It has made me stronger, healthier, smarter, and has allowed me more success than I ever could’ve imagined for myself. I am so proud to say that it has never once held me back from accomplishing my goals. Yes, sometimes it’s hard. Who am I kidding…. it’s always hard, but I take pride in the fact that I can do anything anyone else can do, AND I can do it with diabetes. Only someone with personal experience can possibly understand the amount of extra effort it takes to go through daily living activities with DM. Although it is a struggle I am constantly facing, I believe it has given me a passion and appreciation for life that I may have otherwise missed. On May 12th, 21 years ago, my mom took me our Primary Care doctor on Kauai and based on my symptoms, he recognized diabetes immediately. I had lost a ton of weight, was thirsty, tired, and irritable. That week there happened to be a doctor from the Make-a-Wish foundation visiting another kid in the hospital on my island. This generous man found out about my diagnosis and came to visit my room. I’m not sure why he was so kind to me, but he was, and he made me a promise… If I could take care of myself for 6 months, he would grant me a wish. This was everything. It inspired me not to give up on myself. I diligently tried to make him and my parents proud, because to be honest...I desperately wanted to meet the Spice Girls. I took really good care of myself. I learned how to carb count, and how to test and inject myself with insulin. After 6 months he agreed to grant my wish and I decided to take a trip to Disney World with my parents and fellow diabetic friend, or as I called her my “betes buddy” (the Spice Girls weren’t cool anymore).