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670G transmitter upgrade

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

I freaking love love LOVE my new guardian link transmitter! Please read if you’re using Medtronic 670G pump.

Due to the frequent reports of BG and calibration requests (the dreaded “loop”), Medtronic has enhanced the Guardian Link transmitter and are replacing EVERYONE’S transmitter for free!

I love my 670G, but we can all admit that the repeated BG/calibration requests were frustrating and sometimes made it difficult to stay in auto mode. I started on my new transmitter 1 week ago and have not gotten in the loop since. It’s a whole new world.

To check if you are using the old transmitter select menu, then status, then sensor. If you are on version 2.1A or 2.1C then you are using the old transmitter. If you are on version 2.2A, you are using the new transmitter.

To get the new transmitter (for free) all that you need to do is visit and request the replacement transmitter. DO IT! It’s amazing!

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1 comentario

06 nov 2022

my wife is still on the old 670 transmitter and need the replacement asap for the free replacement. she is a second kidney transplant . will someone call me asap .

David 762 204 4329

Me gusta
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