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Dexcom and Costco: you CAN afford your CGM

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

I’ve talked a lot on this blog about CGMs and how beneficial they can be for people with diabetes (of all types). But what if you don’t qualify? Check out Dexcom’s partnership with the Costco Membership Pharmacy Program (CMPP)! Members are eligible for a receiver, transmitter, and sensors for a fraction of the cost. This program is a great opportunity for cash paying patients, people without insurance coverage or who are not covered through their plan, and even for those of us who simply want back up supplies…just in case. All that is required is a prescription and a CMPP membership. Approximate prices are as follows:

1. Receiver ($35.96) 2. Transmitter ($26.88) 3. One box of sensors ($318.27) Remember, the prices may vary depending on the Costco and you must be a CMPP member to qualify. Don’t worry, becoming a CMPP member is easy! Enroll at any Costco pharmacy.

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