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Diabetes and Self-love

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Diabetes is such a mentally burdensome disease. A lot of times we focus on our numbers; blood glucose levels, HbA1c’s, insulin amount, amount of weight lost or gained. But we all know our successes and failures in DM can’t simply be reduced to numbers. Sometimes my diabetes makes me so tired. This whole month has been a roller coaster. I’ve been sick on and off and thus have had a terrible time with my control. I have a lot of support, and am truly grateful, but sometimes I wish that people could actually see my disease. Then they would understand why I’m so tired all the time, or why I might be grumpy. I work really hard at my diabetes. Does my month of imperfect control or the fact that my BG is currently 200mg/dl make me a “failure” or a “bad diabetic”? Of course not! But it does take its mental toll.

My point is, it’s easy for us PWD to beat ourselves up, and honestly, I need to kick my own ass back into shape sometimes. But it’s important to find a way to stay mentally healthy through the fight and practice self-love. It’s still a work in progress for me, and I’m constantly working on my mental narrative, but my conscious effort to do so IS helping!

I’ve also been working on my physical practice of self-love. I have found that I am most at peace when I am exercising or playing with my nephew. I try to make it a point to do these things as often as possible because when I do, I can feel the anxiety and self-deprecating talk melt away. I urge all of you to find the things that make you feel most at peace, and do them daily.

Self-love is SO IMPORTANT and I firmly believe that my mental and physical health are directly related. Don’t forget to love yourself and acknowledge your successes!

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