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Diabetes Vacations

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Vacations are awesome. Since I was young, I’ve loved visiting new places and spending time with family. My favorite type of vacation, however, wasn’t one where we traveled, but one where I was transported into a fantasy world where I could be a regular kid. My first trip to fantasy land happened just after I was diagnosed (8 y/o). I just couldn’t take the burden anymore and my dad came up with the brilliant concept of “diabetes vacation”.’ Yup...that’s right. It was just what you would imagine. I’d say, “I’m taking a vacation” and I was immediately exonerated of all diabetes responsibilities.’ Normally I was pretty independent when it came to managing myself, but as soon as I mentioned vacation my parents would jump right in. They’d carb carb count for me, test my blood sugar, refill my reservoirs, change my infusion site, and whatever else I needed. Yes, I was still a pin cushion, but it was never the needles that bothered me... it was the responsibility.’ It’s been years since I’ve had that type of vacay and boy could I use one now. Traveling with diabetes is rough...especially during the holidays when temptation is high!’ Things have changed so much since I was a kid. It’d be a whole new experience trying to teach my dad and mom to manage my pump now, but they’d do it... they’re just that awesome. Maybe next time!

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