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I had my Eversense CGM implanted yesterday!

Eversense is the first ever implantable glucose sensor. It is FDA approved for 3-month wear (longer in other countries) and is considered very accurate with a MARD of 8.5%. Studies have shown that the Eversense system detects 95% of lows and 99% of highs within 15 minutes.

All the accuracy without the weekly sensor insertion? Sign me up!

The sensor is placed by a clinician through an in-office procedure (~15 minutes). It’s activated by a rechargeable transmitter worn on top of the skin. This transmitter can be removed and reattached via pump peels. It excites me to think about being able to remove the visible part of my sensor for short periods of time without having to reinsert or waste an expensive sensor.

How does it work?

The transmitter activates the sensor which flashes an LED light. The polymer in the sensor coating is excited by the LED light which rises and falls depending on the subcutaneous glucose concentration.

Eversense glucose readings are sent to a mobile app to be viewed by the user. It can be set to provide threshold, rate of change, and predictive alerts and data can be shared with up to five friends. My favorite part of this app is that reports can be created and emailed to a clinician with just a few clicks.

Check out the slide show/video of my insertion if you’re interested! There is some blood, so if you’re squeamish…be warned. I have to say though…It didn’t hurt AT ALL.

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