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Inpen- the closest thing to a pump, in a pen

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Imagine an insulin pen that is not only easy to use but that calculates (via phone app) and logs doses. Were all in luck! Inpen by Companion Medical is a pen/Bluetooth phone app that uses patient specific settings to make bolus recommendations. It’s like a pump, but a pen!

Inpen is designed for PWD >12 years old who cannot or will not use a pump. It can deliver doses between 0.5U and 30U and is compatible with both Humalog and Novolog. It can link up and log CGM data, offers dose reminders, and even insulin temperature alerts. The cartridges are refillable, and the pen lasts up to 1 year!

The app contains a bolus calculator which can be set up by you and your clinician. This bolus calculator is a game changer for pen users! It calculates boluses based on a carb factor (insulin to carb ratio) and a correction factor (insulin to BG ratio)- just like a pump. Because it keeps track of previous boluses, it will subtract the current insulin on board before making a bolus recommendation (preventing insulin stacking and hypoglycemia).

Comprehensive reports can be emailed directly to your clinician. This allows your clinician to keep better track of your glucose control and adherence. Coverage is pretty good for most commercial insurances and Medicare part D.

This is a really good option and meets a specific unmet need in the DM community. Never before have we been able to get this specific with pens! Talk with your clinician if you think this may be something for you.

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