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Stop over-treating hypos

Does anyone else think that patience THE hardest part of diabetes? I’m talking specifically about the 15-minute rule. Eat only 15 carbs and then wait 15 minutes!? You may as well be asking me to climb Mt. Everest.

During a hypo I will eat anything I can get my hands on. Portion control goes completely out the window, especially if there is an accessible tasty treat. I recently made my own hypo treatment rule. It's working well so I thought I’d share.

When I have a low, I only treat with glucose tabs. Why? Because they are fast-acting, disgusting, and I HATE them! For these reasons I will eat as little glucose tablets as possible to effectively treat my low.

Because I have zero hypo self-control; It is important for me to have access to my glucose tabs before my yummier treats. I keep them everywhere (purse, bedside, car, work drawer, etc)!

Now for the patience part… Waiting 15 minutes to retest and retreat is incredibly difficult. I try to distract myself usually by scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, chive, or Pinterest.

With this method I’ve had good success in treating my hypos and avoiding rebound highs.

Anyone else have a good tip? Please share!

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