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Temp basal

Temp basal is available on all pumps and is used to temporarily increase or decrease the user’s basal rate by a percentage for up to 24 hours. This temporary basal rate can be cancelled at any time.

How can this be helpful?

By using the temp basal feature, PWD can program the pump to give an increased basal percentage over an extended period; say for instance, 110% temp basal (10% more insulin than the current basal rate) over 12hrs. As you all know, I believe in being proactive regarding BGs and, if used properly, temp basal can be a great tool to help prevent hyperglycemia in times of illness, stress, menstruation, or…the holidays. The required percent basal increase is different for every person and in every situation, so a trial and error approach is needed. Make sure to discuss with your clinician and remember...always start conservatively regarding insulin adjustments and basal increases.

The temp basal feature can also be used at times when a basal decrease is required; strenuous exercise for example. I often decrease my basal rate to 80% (20% less insulin than the current basal) beginning one hour before my workout and extending two hours after my workout. More specifically, if I’m planning to workout for one hour, I set my temp basal rate to 80% for 4 hours.

This feature is available in all insulin pumps and is one of my favorite features. There are so many awesome tools available to help make our lives easier, so why not take advantage!

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